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Random Ramblings

And other such lupine musings.

12 September 1985
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Many here will probably know me best as Crimson. A couple may know me as T'lon. CeltWolf from the HR boards. Any other names I use, I'm keeping to myself. Aliases are handy.

I graduated from Virginia Tech with a BS in Mathematics, Applied Discrete Math Option, with a Computer Science Minor in December, 2007.

I'm a fur, http://captainpackrat.com/furry/furry1.htm for the best answer to the obvious question. It's important to me and I identify with wolves, though I'm not quite so obvious about it as some. http://www.anthrocon.org/info.cgi/about#furry is also a good source. Combine the two. Should be accurate enough.

Will update as feel necessary.